Bulk Collection Pricing

The fastest way to sell. No need to add items to your cart one at a time. Just select the brand your looking to sell and add the bulk product to your cart.


We're actively buying most TY products. Exceptions include: Pillow Pals, Teenie Beanies, Attic Treasures, Ty Kids & Poppers.

We are buying:

  • $0.50 Beanie Babies
  • $0.50 Buddies
  • $0.50 Classics
  • $2.00 Pluffies
  • $1.50 Beanie Boos
  • $1.50 Beanie Ballz
  • $0.50 Halloweenies
  • $0.20 Jingles & Basket Beanies
  • $0.10 Graduation (Dated) Beanies


There are so many types of Barbies, but here's a breakdown of types & our bulk pricing:

  • $5 Pink or Silver Label
  • $7 Black Label
  • $3 Dolls of the World (DOTW)
  • $5 Annual Holiday Dolls
  • $1 Kelly Dolls
  • $4 Hollywood & Licensed Dolls
  • $1 Pink Box
  • $5 Hard plastic top dolls
  • $3 Six Sided (cut corners) Box

Above Prices are for Pristine Boxes. Most Barbie are condidered non mint. If your dolls are deemed non mint, we'll pay 15% less.

Department 56

We are currently buying most Department 56 Pieces, but are not currently buying trees. Current Prices:

  • $4 Buildings
  • $1 Accessories
  • Variable Pricing applies to Licensed & Co Branded Buildings.


We have bulk pricing for Waterford glasses & Stemware. The Lismore pattern is our base price and is priced below:

  • $4 Champagne Flutes, Water Goblets & Similar Sized
  • $3 Wine glasses, Highball Glasses, Iced Tea & Similar Sized
  • $2 Claret Glasses & Similar Sized
  • $1 Cordials, Shot Glasses & Similar Sized

Prices will vary by pattern. Some are priced the same as Lismore others we pay extra. A few Examples:

  • Powerscourt we pay an additional $5 per glass.
  • Castlemaine we pay an additional $6 per glass.
  • Colleen Short Stem we pay an additional $4 per glass.
  • Colleen Tall Stem we pay an extra $5 per glass.
  • Kelsey we pay an extra $7 per glass.

For all other Waterford Crystal, we're actively buying and will use our variable pricing to purchase your collection. Please note that we do not purchase Marquis by Waterford Crystal.

Hallmark Ornaments

We're buying all Halmark Ornaments except their mini ornaments. Our bulk pricing is changing and TBD. We're currently evaluating what we can pay, without losing money. If you are interested in selling, please contact us.

  • Up to $1 for standard ornaments
  • Up to $2 for Ornaments with Lights & Sounds
  • Up to $2.50 for Licensed Characters *Exceptions may apply for items with low resale values.

Disney Store Plush

Have Disney Stuffed Animals? We're buying. We pay $0.50 a piece for Disney Pieces with their original tags.

We're also Buying Walt Disney Classic Collection Figuines. These pieces are priced using variable pricing.

Precious Moments & Hummels

Due to high inventory we are currently not purchasing Precious Moments and Hummels. We're not certain when we'll begin buying these brands again. Feel free to check back.

Swarovski Crystal

We want your Swarovski Figurines. As we continue expanding our store, we'll be adding buy prices for more brands & items. In the meantime, we're purchasing via our Variable Pricing process. Here's the highlights:

  • Your items will be priced when we receive them. Because we receive 50+ inquiries a day, we cannot give pricing until we have items in hand.
  • Variable prices are based on recently sold eBay auctions along with our current inventory levels.
  • For items selling under $50 our buy price will be $1-5
  • For items selling between $50 to $250 we pay up to half of the average selling prices.
  • Because expensive items are likely to sit on our shelves for months or even years, on items selling over $250 we pay 20-40% of sold auction prices.