How to Sell Swarovski Collection

If you've got Swarovski figurines you're ready to sell, you've come to the right place! We're currently buying Swarovski through our Variable Pricing Process. Before you continue, learn how Variable Pricing works here.

Now that you know how Variable Pricing works, here's the steps you need to follow.

1. Add this listing to your cart and place your sell order.

2. Contact Us. Please include your order number and send a list of the Swarovksi figurines you'd like to sell. These pieces should have an item number included on their boxes. With this information we'll determine if you qualify for prepaid shipping labels. (Can't find the item numbers? Send a list including how many total items you're looking to sell, a description of each, and photos of at least 3 items.)

3. When you are ready to ship, please pack your box with care as we cannot purchase items that arrive damaged. Read our packing tips here.

We're excited to buy your collection, however it must meet the below condition requirements. If your items don't meet these requirements, do not ship them.

  • Item must be mint and complete. If items have any chips, cracks, damage or missing pieces, we cannot buy them.
  • Items must not be repaired. If you see cracks or glue, we cannot buy the piece.

We purchase Swarovski both with and without original boxes. If boxes are incomplete (Missing original foam, certificates of authenticity/ inserts, or outer sleeves) or if boxes are damaged, have writing, tape, stains, shelfware or are otherwise deemed non-mint, our buy prices are reduced by 20%. (Please note that most Swarovski boxes are considered non-mint.) Due to lower demand, increased handling time, and increased risk of damage, a 60% reduction is taken for items without original boxes.

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