How to Sell a Department 56 Collection

Got Department 56 buildings, accessories, or figurines you want to sell? You’re in the right place! We're buying Department 56 collections through our Bulk Pricing process. Please read our How it works and FAQ pages before you get started.

Ready to sell your Department 56 collection? Here's what to do:

1. Add this listing to your cart and place your sell order.

2. Contact us and let us know how many Department 56 you have to sell. Please break this down into buildings and accessories. With that information, we'll determine if you qualify for prepaid shipping labels.

3. When you are ready to ship, please pack your box with care as we cannot purchase items that arrive damaged. Read our packing tips here.

Now that you know how this works, here's what you really want to know... How much will you get paid?

  • $4 Buildings
  • $1 Accessories
  • Variable Pricing applies to Licensed & Co Branded Buildings.

We are not currently buying Department 56 Trees.

Condition Requirements:

  • All items must be mint and come with original boxes, outer sleeves, and functional lights & cords (if applicable).
  • Items that are missing pieces, chipped, cracked, or broken cannot be purchased.
  • Items that have any kind of odor (for example cigarette smoke) or are otherwise considered non-mint cannot be purchased.
  • If boxes show significant damage, writing, any kind of stains, or are deemed ungiftable, our buy prices are reduced by 40%.

Did you know we pay extra for collections that are dropped off or self-shipped? Click here to learn more.

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