Variable Pricing

Though we've published buy prices for thousands of items, we still have brands and products to add. Because we know you want to sell now, we've established a variable pricing system. Be sure to review each brand page as variable pricing only applies to specific brands and products.

How Variable Pricing Works

Step 1

In order to process your collection, you must place a sell order first. Find your brand in our Bulk Collections List, add it to your cart and process your sell order.

Step 2

Send us a list of the items you'd like to sell. Please include the brand and UPC code or Model Number. If the model number is unavailable, include the name. With this information we'll determine if you qualify for prepaid shipping labels.

Step 3

Be sure to pack carefully and review all our packing instructions. If your items arrive damaged, we cannot purchase them.

Step 4

When your order is received, we'll research each item and determine what we can pay for it. (More details below) We'll then contact you for your approval.

To avoid unexpected surprises, please research your items before shipping them.

Step 5

If you approve, we'll pay you via check or store credit, your choice.

If you decide not to sell, you will be responsible to pay for shipping (both to us and back to you). When we receive your payment, we'll ship your items back to you.

How Prices are Determined

Variable Prices are based on recent sold eBay auctions. We'll go to eBay and search for your item. We'll then select the filters for Sold Listings and Auctions. From here, we'll exclude any outlying prices and find an average sales price.

  • For items selling under $50, our buy price will be$1-5.
  • For items selling between $50 & $250, we pay up to half of the average selling prices.
  • Because expensive items are likely to sit on our shelves for months or even years on items selling over $250, we pay 15-40% of sold auction prices.

There are a few reasons we could pay less than the numbers indicated above. If your item is not in mint condition or is missing its original packaging, we must reduce the amount we can pay. Read our condition requirements here. Additionally, if our current inventory is high on an item, we'll pay less for that item.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I send a list, will you send your buy price?

Because we get 50+ inquiries a day, we do not quote or offer pricing for items we buy via variable pricing. These items will be priced once we have them in hand. Please see the "How can I estimate your buy prices?" FAQ to learn how we calculate our buy prices and how you can estimate them at home.

What if I don't like your prices?

We try to be as up front and clear about our pricing as possible so that you have a great selling experience.

In the unlikely event you choose not to sell your items, you would be responsible for the cost of shipping both directions. Once we receive payment for shipping, we will return your items to you.

If you'd like your items returned, we'll pack them carefully, however we are not responsible for items lost or broken during transit.

Due to space limitations, we can only hold items for 4 weeks from the day we send our buy prices to you. Any items left after 4 weeks will be disposed of.

How can I estimate your buy price?

The best way to estimate our but prices is to head over to eBay. Our prices are primarily based on recently sold eBay auctions. So, search your item then apply two filters: Auctions & sold listings. If you've added the correct filters, you'll see the prices are now green.

  • If the average sold prices are less than $50 we'll pay $1-5.
  • For average selling prices between $50 & $250 we pay up to half for items in mint condition. (See condition requirements here.)
  • If that average selling price is over $250 it's more risk for us, so we pay between 15 and 40%.
What if I can't find the MPN or UPC code?

When selling with variable pricing we ask that you send a list of items after placing your sell order. If you can't find the UPC code or Manufacturer’s Part Number (MPN) please include the items name. If that is unavailable, please send a short description of the piece. For example "10" Lladró two girls playing with flowers."

We use these identifiers to determine if you qualify for prepaid shipping labels. Not having them will slow the process down as we may need additional information from you.

What happens is if my items arrive damaged?

If your items are damaged in shipping, we will be unable to purchase them. If you use our prepaid shipping labels, they do not include insurance and we are not responsible for items that are lost or damaged in transit.

To avoid damage read our packing instructions and consider self-shipping and insuring our

Can I get a prepaid shipping label?

Every collection is different. When we receive the list of items you're selling, we will determine if you qualify for prepaid shipping labels.

Remember that prepaid labels do not include insurance. To add insurance to your shipment, you'll need to self-ship your collection.