From Collection to Cash as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1

Search our site and add each item in your collection to your cart. Short on time? We buy collections in bulk too!

Step 2

When your collection is received, we'll inspect to ensure all items are present, and condition guidelines are met.

Step 3

After our inspection is complete, we'll verify the final payment amount & send payment via check or store credit -- your choice!

Why Sell with Us?

We've been buying from customers like you since 1999. With nearly two and a half decades of experiece we know how to make your selling experience easy.

  • Up Front Pricing & Policies
  • No need to wait for your collection to sell. We pay up front.
  • Avoid the risk of selling via auction.
  • Sell in Bulk for the easiest selling experience!

Selling with us is simple:

1. Place Your Sell Order

Simply add each item in your collection to your cart and place your sell order.

  • Search for your item by UPC code, style number, or name. We've got over 5,000 items with active buy prices (and we're adding more weekly!) When you find the item, add it to your cart.
  • Place one sell order per box. If you have a large collection, no problem, just place multiple orders.
  • Pro Tip: Pack your box as you add items to your cart and avoid a frustrating game of Tetris later! When the box is full, place your order.
  • Bonus Pro Tip: If your cart value is $35+ we'll send you a prepaid shipping label.
  • Once we appove your order, simply ship with the provided shipping labels. (Ship within 14 days of approval or our buy prices are subject to change.)
2. Your Collection is Processed & Inspected

When your collection arrives, we'll inspect it to ensure our quality standards are met. Once it's inspected, we'll contact you for your final approval. Depending on order volume, this will take up to one week.

**Due to the Holiday Rush, orders received between November 15th & December 31st will be processed after January 1st**

3. You Get Paid $$$

You have two options here:

  • Get a check in the mail.
  • Select store credit for our store Treasure Keeper and get a 20% boost to your final payment.
What Other Seller's Say
What Other Seller's Say
The staff at Sell 4 Value was very professional. They handled my sale exactly as they describe on their website and did so quickly and to my satisfaction.
— Rhonda C.
What Other Seller's Say
Very helpful and organized staff. We brought over 100 beanie babies and they made the process easy and efficient. Even better: I’m happy to know that some of the unused beanies will go to charities! We will definitely be returning with other items!
— Angelica Brenzel
What Other Seller's Say
Friendly, fair and easy to work with. Would definitely recommend them.
— Tracy Pavlat
What Other Seller's Say
Debbie was very professional working with us in evaluating the Hummels and Barbies we brought. I would recommend using this business.
— Nancy Trandel

Pro Tips for the Best Selling Experience

1. Read, Read, Read

Avoid any unexpected surprises by reading our How To Page, our FAQ page, and our Packing tips page. Each brand is handled a little differently, so read all applicable brand pages too!

2. Pack your box as you fill your cart.

We require that you place one sell order per box you plan to ship. The first step is to review our packing instructions and select the correct sized box. From there, fill your box as you add items to your cart. When you box is full, process the order. Got more to sell? Just place another buy order. Remember each box must have a sell value of $35 to receive prepaid shipping labels. Please note: Multiple prepaid labels will only be issued for orders that follow our box & packing guidelines.

3. Start Small

Many customers will start with one box to learn how our system works. If you have a large collection, consider starting with one box. This way you can learn our system and be comfortable with our condition requirements before sending in your full collection.