Getting Paid for your Collectibles

Now we're getting to the good stuff! The great news is getting paid is simple. Before you send us your collection we'll ask which payment method you prefer. Once you approve the final payment amount, all you have to do is wait for your money to arrive.

Two Ways to get Paid

Looking for Cash?

We'll happily send you cash money (okay fine, its a check, but same thing) for your collectibles and toys. Once you approve the sale, you can sit back and wait for your money to arrive.

Get a 20% Payment Boost

Your $100 payment instantly jumps to $120 when you selct store credit. Store Credit is good for 24 months and can be redeemed in our online store.

Why sell with us?

Whether you're selling Beanie Babies, Figurines, Barbies, Toys or any other brand we buy, our goal remains the same: To give you a smooth selling experience by providing transparent policys and fair prices. Get cash for your collection & Sell 4 Value!

Here's what others are Saying:
Here's what others are Saying:
Very helpful and organized staff. We brought over 100 beanie babies and they made the process easy and efficient. Even better: I’m happy to know that some of the unused beanies will go to charities! We will definitely be returning with other items!
— Angelica B.
Here's what others are Saying:
I had a wonderful experience with this company. They were friendly and transparent about the process and what my options were. They also provided me with a breakdown of what they bought from me, and how much. I also liked that I got paid right away and didn't have to wait for them to sell. Would definitely recommend!
— K.A.
Here's what others are Saying:
Our experience was excellent. We worked with Debbie who was completely transparent with every aspect of their purchase. She explained how they arrived at their prices and so much so, that our calculations and hers were very close in dollars. Debbie was kind, thoughtful and careful in handling the Lladros we were selling. She understood the sentimental value for us in that they were left to us by my mother-in-law. All in all it was an honest and great experience.
— Patty B
Here's what others are Saying:
I did a lot of research before selling my Beanie Baby Collection. I was leery of many of the places I found online. This place is legit! Clear instructions on their website of what they will and will not purchase. They pay for shipping if over 100 beanies. Very easy, straightforward process. They were able to purchase 102 of the 109 beanies I sent, and I was offered the option of donating the other 7 to an overseas charity. They mailed me a check. Would highly recommend!
— Christina M

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