How to Sell Beanie Babies & Ty Collectibles

Got Beanie Babies or other Ty products you want to sell? You’re in the right place. Please read our How it works and FAQ pages before you get started.

We're in the process of growing our cataloge. Currently, we only have individual listings for TY Beanie Babies. All other TY products can be sold with our bulk pricing for TY here. For Beanie Babies, you've got two options for selling your collection:

  • Search our website by the Beanies name or by UPC code. We have nearly 2,000 Beanie Babies listed with posted buying prices. Simply find your stuffed animal and add it to your cart. Remember to pack your box as you add items to your cart. When you box is full, complete your order and start a new one.
  • Sell your collection in bulk. If you don’t want to look up each Beanie, we’ll buy your collection using our bulk pricing. Click here to sell your collection in Bulk.

Lastly Condition Requirements. We inspect every Beanie Baby, Buddy or other Ty product when it’s received. We can only buy products if:

  • Both the item & its tags are Mint
  • The item has never been played with
  • It’s Odor Free (No smoke, perfumes or other odors)
  • It is clean (free from dirt, stains, pet hair, etc.)
  • White pieces will be rejected if they've become miscolored or are no longer pure white.
  • The hang tag is free of bends, price stickers, sticker residue, creases, and fading.

Because Ty collectors are very particular about tags we do not buy Ty pieces with damaged tags. Exceptions may exist for 1st, 2nd & 3rd generation Beanie Babies or if our buy price exceeds $6. In this case please contact us.

Did you know we pay extra for collections that are dropped off or self-shipped? Click here to learn more