How to Sell your Barbies

Got Barbies you want to sell? You’re in the right place! Please read our How it works and FAQ pages before you get started.

Now that you’ve read those pages, you know we offer prepaid shipping labels. I’ve got good news, qualifying for a label is easier with Barbies. There are two ways to qualify:

  • Add $35+ worth of items to your cart. (Just like the rest of our site.)
  • Sell at least 10 full sized Barbies. If you don’t reach $35, but you have at least 10 Barbies inside the box (excluding smaller dolls like Kelly dolls) you qualify for a pre-paid label.

With the big questions out of the way, let’s talk about the two ways you can sell us your dolls:

  • Sell your collection in bulk. If you don’t want to look up each Barbie, we’ll buy your collection using our bulk pricing. Click here to sell your collection in Bulk.
  • Search our website by Barbie name or by UPC code. We have over 2,000 Barbies listed with posted buying prices. Simply find your doll and add it to your cart. Remember to place one order per box you’ll be shipping & pack your box as you add items to your cart. When you box is full, complete your order and start a new one.

Lastly, Condition Requirements. We inspect each Barbie when it’s received. To receive the posted buy price, your doll must be:

  • Sealed in the original box. (Unopened)
  • Free of smoke or odors
  • Free of price stickers, sticker residue, yellowing, cracking, or crushing
  • Without any scrapes, scratches, or scuffs.
  • Free of damaged corners or shelf ware.

Most Barbies do not meet the above conditions and are considered Non-Mint. Our Buy prices are reduced by 15% for Non-Mint Dolls. If your doll is opened, damaged, has cracked or yellow plastic, or is crushed, do not send it as we are unable to purchase. (Exceptions may exist for dolls with Buy prices over $15. In this case contact us.)

Did you know we pay extra for collections that are dropped off or self-shipped? Click here to learn more.

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