Condition Requirements

Only items that meet our condition requirements can be purchased. Please read all requirements before placing your sell order.


We can only purchase ty products if:

  • Both the item & its tags are Mint
  • The item has never been played with
  • It’s Odor Free (No smoke, perfumes or other odors)
  • It is clean (free from dirt and stains)
  • White pieces will be rejected if they've become miscolored or are no longer pure white.
  • The hang tag is free of bends, price stickers, sticker residue, creases, and fading.

Because Ty collectors are very particular about tags we do not buy Ty pieces with damaged tags. Exceptions may exist for 1st, 2nd & 3rd generation tags, or if our buy price exceeds $6. In this case please contact us.


We're only buying dolls that are:

  • Sealed in original, unopened boxes
  • Free of smoke stains or any odors
  • Free of yellowing, cracking or crushing.

When selling your Barbies, please remember posted buy prices are for Barbies in pristine boxes. Because collectors display their dolls in the box we are very particular about this. Any price stickers, worn corners, scrapes or scratches will be considered non-mint. If your dolls are non mint, our buy prices are reduced by 15%. Approximately 95% of Barbies we receive are non-mint.

Department 56

  • All items must be mint and come with original boxes, outer sleeves, and functional lights & cords (if applicable).
  • Items that are missing pieces, chipped, cracked, or broken cannot be purchased.
  • Items that have any kind of odor (for example cigarette smoke) or are otherwise considered non-mint cannot be purchased.
  • If boxes show significant damage, writing, any kind of stains, or are deemed ungiftable, our buy prices are reduced by 40%.

Disney Store Plush

To sell your Disney stuffed animals they must be:

  • Free of smoke or odors
  • Have original tags attached (Both a hanging tag & a tush tag)
  • Mint & never played with

Generally, if you collected an stored or displayed Disney Store plush, we'll be able to buy them. If they were played with, or damaged in storage, we won't be able to purchase your Disney collection.

Hallmark Ornaments

Your Hallmark Ornaments must be in their original boxes. We do not purchase ornaments out of box. If your ornaments or packaging have any smoke or other odors, we cannot purchase them. If the boxes are damaged or the original packing materials are missing, there is a 20% deduction from our posted buy prices.

We're only purchasing Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments. We cannot buy any other Hallmark items in your collection.


We buy Waterford Crystal with or without original boxes. Your collection must be mint and free of any chips, cracks, damage, or odors. For stemware, run your finger along the rims to feel for imperfections. If the rim isn't smooth, we will not be able to buy it. Our buy prices are the same with or without original boxes. We recommend shipping your collection in the original boxes, if available, to protect the pieces in shipping. You can read our packing tips here.

For Baccarat, Lalique, Lladró, & Swarovski, we will buy both with and without original boxes. All pieces must be mint. If items are chipped, cracked, missing pieces, damaged, or have any kind of odor we cannot buy them.

We're currently only buying these brands through our variable pricing process. Once our buy price is determined, (You can read exactly how that's determined here.) a 20% reduction is taken for non-mint boxes. (Note: Most boxes are considered non-mint.) Due to lower demand, increased handling time, and increased risk of damage, a 60% deduction is taken for items without original boxes.

For Swarovski pieces, both the original padding/foam and the certificate of authenticity are required, If either of these are missing, or if the box is non-mint , 20% deduction will be taken.

Examples of Non-Mint & Incomplete Boxes
Non-Mint Box Example
Incomplete Box Example
Non Mint Baccarat Box
Non-Mint Box Example

Precious Moments & Hummels

Due to high inventory we are currently not purchasing Precious Moments and Hummels. We're not certain when we'll begin buying these brands again. Feel free to check back.