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Baccarat - Sell your Collection



Use this listing to sell a Baccarat collection via our Variable Pricing Process. Before placing your sell order, be sure to read our Variable Pricing Page, review our FAQ's, and learn about how to pack your Baccarat figurines & Stemware.

Condition requirements: We can only buy Baccarat pieces that are in mint condition. This means there can be no cracks, chips, nicks, odors, glued pieces or residue, or any repairs. 

Original Boxes: Original boxes are not required. If boxes are damaged, have writing, tape, stains, shelfware or are otherwise deemed non-mint, our buy prices are reduced by 20%. Most boxes are non-mint. Due to lower demand, lower resale prices, increased handling time, and increased risk of damage, a 60% reduction is taken for items without original boxes.

If you are ready to sell, add this listing to your cart and complete your sell order. When we receive your order, we'll be in touch to request a list of the items you want to sell. You can expect to hear from us in 1-3 Business days. 

Please note: Our buy prices for any item sold via Variable Pricing will not be determined until your collection is received and researched.