How It Works

Got collectibles or toys to sell? You've come to the right place. We're commited to making selling your collection easy and getting cash into your pocket quickly! There's three different ways we buy:

Three Ways to Sell your Collection

Search our Store

We have 5000+ items with published prices and are working quickly to expand our listings. With up front pricing and 20+ years experience, you can sell with confidence. Keep scrolling for more details.

The Fastest Option

Ready to sell your collection, but not interested in searching for each item? Not a problem. We buy in bulk and no collection is too large! Click the button below to see our Bulk Pricing.

Variable Pricing

For some brands and items, we do not have published buy prices yet. In this case, we'll buy your collection with our variable pricing system. Click the link to learn how variable pricing works.

Why sell with us?

Whether you're selling Beanie Babies, Figurines, Barbies, Toys or any other brand we buy, our goal remains the same: To give you a smooth selling experience by providing transparent policys and fair prices. Get cash for your collection & Sell 4 Value!

Here's what others are Saying:
Here's what others are Saying:
The staff at Sell 4 Value was very professional. They handled my sale exactly as they describe on their website and did so quickly and to my satisfaction.
— Rhonda C.
Here's what others are Saying:
I had a wonderful experience with this company. They were friendly and transparent about the process and what my options were. They also provided me with a breakdown of what they bought from me, and how much. I also liked that I got paid right away and didn't have to wait for them to sell. Would definitely recommend!
— K.A.
Here's what others are Saying:
Today I walked in with a tub of beanie babies. Debbie was very professional and efficient. She took the time to explain how and what I would receive for each one. I would highly recommend this company
— Gary Thomas
Here's what others are Saying:
Deborah is a sweet lady. She kindly walked me through the selling process and made sure my items would be well taken care of. Would happily do business with again. Thank you
— Ashley

How to Sell individual Items:

I've got lots of information to share to ensure the best selling experience for you, so it's time to leave the pretty formatting behind and make sure you know exactly how selling your collection will work.

Getting Started

Step one is to read, read, read. Once you've read this page, be sure to read our packing tips & FAQ pages. If you're selling Lladró, read the Lladró page. If you're selling Beanie Babies, read the TY page. If you're selling Swarovski, read the Swarovski page. Each brand is handled differently, so read up on every brand you plan to sell.

Once you know how our process works, it's time to search our store for your collectibles & toys. Search by UPC code, Item Name, or the model number/MPN. When you find the item, simply adjust the quantity, add it to your cart, and pack it into your shipping box. (Please read our Packing Tips page to determine which size box to use and how to safely ship your collection.)

Can't find your item? We're still growing our catalog. As long as it's a brand & product we're currently buying, unlisted items can be sold via bulk or variable pricing. Please review each brand's page for more details. Our full list of brands is visible here.

Repeat these steps until either: 1. Your box is full or 2. You've added all items you plan to sell.

Now that your box is full, checkout just like you would if you were buying something online. (Except you won't be paying anything!)

Two very important notes here:

  • If your total is $35+ per box we'll provide you with prepaid shipping labels 🎉
  • You must place one order for each box you ship. If you have a large collection, simply checkout and start a new order when your box is full.
  • If you have multiples of the same item, it may impact our buy prices. Please read our FAQ page for more information.

Want to save time? Consider selling your collection in bulk.

After Placing your Sell Order:

We review each order once it's placed and will contact you in 1-3 business days. This is when we'll lock in your pricing & verify if you qualify for prepaid shipping. Because the prices of collecitbles are volatile, you'll need to ship your collection within 14 days of our order verification email. Orders shipped later than 14 days will lose the price lock and our buy prices may change.

If your order qualifies for prepaid shipping labels, we'll request the size and weight of your box so we can then email you the labels.

When your Order Arrives

When your collection reaches our dock, please allow 7 days for processing. This is when we check the condition & quality of each item. Once processed, we'll email you with the total. If this number has changed, we'll include a list of deductions we had to take. Pro tip: Read our condition requirements carefully before shipping to avoid surprises!

Now for the fun part: Getting paid! If no deductions are taken, we'll send payment right away. If adjustments are required, simply email us accepting the updated total and we'll send your payment.

Payments can be issued by check, or Store Credit (get 20% more this way!) Learn more about getting paid here.

Next Steps: