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Waterford Crystal - Sell your Collection



Use this listing to sell a Waterford collection by both our bulk pricing and variable pricing processes. Before placing your sell order, be sure to read our Variable Pricing Page, review our FAQ's, and learn about how to pack your Waterford Crystal. 

Please note that while we're excited to purchase your Waterford, we do not purchase Marquis by Waterford.

Condition requirements: We can only buy Waterford pieces that are in mint condition. This means there can be no cracks, chips, nicks, glued pieces or residue, or any repairs. For stemware, run your finger along the rim to feel for imperfections. If the rim is not smooth, we will not be able to buy it. 

Original Boxes: Our buy prices are the same with or without original boxes. We recommend shipping your collection in the original boxes, if available, to protect the pieces in shipping. You can read our packing tips here.

If you are ready to sell, add this listing to your cart and complete your sell order. When we receive your order, we'll be in touch to request a list of the items you want to sell. You can expect to hear from us in 1-3 Business days. 

Bulk Pricing for Stemware: The Lismore pattern is our base price and is priced below:

  • $4 Champagne Flutes, Water Goblets & Similar Sized
  • $3 Wine Glasses, Highball Glasses, Iced Tea & Similar Sized
  • $2 Claret Glasses & Similar Sized
  • $1 Cordials, Shot Glasses & Similar Sized

Prices will vary by pattern and there's too many patterns to list. Some patterns are priced the same as Lismore others we pay extra. A few examples:

  • Powerscourt we pay an additional $5 per glass.
  • Castlemaine we pay an additional $6 per glass.
  • Colleen Short Stem we pay an additional $4 per glass.
  • Colleen Tall Stem we pay an extra $5 per glass.
  • Kelsey we pay an extra $7 per glass.

For all other Waterford Crystal, we're actively buying and will use our Variable Pricing to purchase your collection. 

Please note: For any item sold via Variable Pricing, and for all patterns not listed above, our buy prices will not be determined until your collection is received and researched. 

Did you know we pay extra for collections that are dropped off or self-shipped? Click here to learn more