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1992 Party Perfect Barbie, NRFB, (1876) Mint Box


Buy prices are for Barbies with pristine boxes. Requirements include:


  • Doll has never been removed from the box.
  • Free of smoke or odors
  • No price stickers, sticker residue, yellowing, cracking, or crushing
  • No damaged corners or shelf ware.

If your Barbie has shelfware, scratches, price stickers, or damaged corners we consider it “non-mint” and will deduct 15% from the posted buy price. Most Barbies are considered non-mint. See examples here.

We are unable to purchase your Barbie if*

  • Doll has been removed from box
  • Plastic is cracked or yellowed
  • Box is crushed or exhibits damage beyond shelfware

*If our buy price is over $15 on the doll, we may be interested. Please contact us