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Hallmark Ornaments - Sell your Collection



This listing is the fastest way to sell your collection of Hallmark Ornaments. No collection is to big or small. Recommended Reading for a smooth transaction: How this Works, How to Pack your Collection, FAQ's

Here's how to sell your Hallmark collection: 

1. Add this listing to your cart and place your sell order.

2. Contact us and let us know how many Hallmark ornaments you have to sell. Please break this down into standard ornaments, ornaments with lights or sounds, and ornaments with licensed characters. With that information, we'll determine if you qualify for prepaid shipping labels.

3. When you are ready to ship, please pack your box with care as we cannot purchase items that arrive damaged. Read our packing tips here.

All Hallmark ornament Collections are purchased with our Bulk Pricing. Our bulk pricing is changing and TBD. We're currently evaluating what we can pay, without losing money in reselling these ornaments. If you are interested in selling, please contact us.

  • Up to $1 for standard ornaments
  • Up to $2 for Ornaments with Lights & Sounds
  • Up to $2.50 for Licensed Characters *Exceptions may apply for items with low resale values.

    We're buying all Hallmark Ornaments, except for their mini ornaments. 

    All collections are inspected for quality. Your Hallmark Ornaments must be in their original boxes. We do not purchase ornaments out of box. If the boxes are damaged or the original packing materials are missing, there is a 20% deduction from our posted buy prices.