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Disney - Sell your Collection

By Disney


This listing is the fastest way to sell your Disney Collection. Recommended Reading for a smooth transaction: How this Works, How to Pack your Collection, FAQ's

Here's how to sell your Disney Plush or Walt Disney Classic Collection figurines. 

1. Add this listing to your cart and place your sell order.

2. Contact us and let us know how many Disney stuffed animals you are selling. If you're selling WDCC figurines, please include a list of which items you're selling. We'll use this information to determine if you qualify for prepaid labels.

3. When you are ready to ship, please pack your box with care as we cannot purchase items that arrive damaged. Read our packing tips here.

Now that you know how this works, here's what you really want to know... How much will you get paid?

  • We pay $0.50 a piece for Disney Plush
  • Variable pricing applies to all Walt Disney Classic Collection figurines.

Condition Requirements:

To sell your Disney stuffed animals they must be:

  • Free of smoke or odors
  • Have original tags attached (Both a hanging tag & a tush tag)
  • Mint & never played with

Generally, if you collected and stored or displayed Disney Store plush, we'll be able to buy them. If they were played with, or damaged in storage, we won't be able to purchase your Disney collection.

Did you know we pay extra for collections that are dropped off or self-shipped? Click here to learn more.